The Michael Bennett Homes Difference

Masterful Design/Build & an Unrivaled Team Approach

Image of a rendering for a custom home by Michael Bennett Homes®

Creating Superior Outcomes

Experienced Analysis: Beginning with a meticulous examination of the home site, we optimize our schematic design for natural light and address inherent challenges. This critical step determines the success of each unique home we build, focusing on positioning the home on the site successfully.

Pursuit of Perfection

Every Michael Bennett home is a distinct masterpiece, undergoing dozens of iterations and enhancements by our staff to ensure the perfection of every detail, enabling clients to envision living ecstatically in a uniquely designed home.

Technological Integration: With advanced 3D modeling, we facilitate real-time refinements. Our proprietary START process, reinforced by our comprehensive warranty and in-house service department, guarantees reliable construction outcomes and future service needs.

Holistic Approach

We emphasize space, sightlines, ergonomics, and flow, adhering to our mantra of no tight spaces, ensuring a harmonious and superior living experience.

The Power of Our Team Approach

Collaborative Genius

Our in-house integrated team collaborates synchronously from day one, delivering controlled, unique, and predictable outcomes and costs, eliminating the complications and disjointedness seen when the team is a collection of independent companies, each with unique contracts, terms, and conditions.

Unified Vision

Our streamlined approach guarantees that each home flawlessly mirrors your vision and desires, with every element meticulously aligned with your unique preferences.

Client-Centric Excellence

Our project managers act as your personal liaisons, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle while we handle every detail of the design and build process seamlessly.

Image of the exterior of a custom estate home built by Michael Bennett Homes®

A Legacy of Experience & Excellence

Michael Bennett Homes extends beyond brick and mortar, symbolizing a relentless commitment to excellence, extensive design & build experience, sophistication, and access to globally inspired, innovative designs. Our pursuit of innovation and creativity is evident in our continuously evolving designs and the exquisite curb appeal of our final constructions.