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Neoclassical Splendor: Timeless Charm and Modern Living

What the Client Wanted

Nestled in the heart of Winnetka, the homeowners aspired for an estate that flawlessly melded neoclassical elegance with modern functionality. Their dream was a residence that not only resonated with opulence but also offered a sunlit, warm sanctuary optimized for contemporary life.

Special Considerations

Designing such a masterpiece demanded:

  • Harmonizing Styles: Integrating the timeless allure of neoclassical architecture with modern-day functionality and warmth.
  • Fluid Transitions: Crafting seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces while ensuring the estate’s expansive nature was preserved while wrapping around the pool with views from every room in the home.
  • Personalized Elements: Reflecting the homeowners’ unique tastes and lifestyle, from their love for well-illuminated spaces to their desire for luxurious amenities.

The Solution

With the homeowners’ vision at its heart, Michael Bennett Luxury Homes achieved:

  • Luminous Interiors: The home bathes in natural light, radiating warmth and beauty throughout its expansive living areas.
  • Gourmet Spaces: The estate showcases an expansive kitchen and dining area, further complemented by a luxurious 1,000-bottle walk-in wine cellar and a deco-style billiards room.
  • Outdoor Elegance: The property’s rear reveals an exquisite outdoor expanse, complete with a terraced patio pool and a cooking zone crowned with a retractable sunroof. Additionally, the black-bottom pool adorned with a stone waterfall return emerges as a haven of tranquility.
  • Architectural Marvels: From the master bedroom balcony graced with a steel pergola to intricate design elements like floating vanities, circular bubble skylights, cerused wood cabinetry, and Calcutta marble accents, each corner of the estate exemplifies craftsmanship.

This home stands as a testament to the mesmerizing interplay of classic architectural beauty and the comforts of modern living. Every detail, every choice, every design element converges to create a residence that is not just a home, but a profound expression of life lived in luxury and harmony with its surroundings.

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