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Michael Bennett Luxury Homes is proud to present featured projects that exemplify architectural innovation and luxury living. Each represents a distinctive journey of dreams realized.

Experience Exceptional Craftsmanship: Discover where luxury is a union of flawless craftsmanship and visionary design. Our homes are more than structures; they are meticulously crafted pieces of art, merging space, light, and functionality. See dreams evolve into unique living spaces pushing the boundaries of luxury.

A Range of Styles and Atmospheres: Our projects display a variety of styles, from modern marvels to timeless classics. Each residence is a unique fusion of our clients’ visions and our expertise, resulting in spaces filled with character and elegance.

Elevate Your Living Experience: We are not just builders at Michael Bennett Luxury Homes; we are architects of refined lifestyles. With a dedication to excellence and innovation, explore our diverse collection, each a symbol of our passion and a testament to luxurious living.

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Image of a custom mountain contemporary styled home in Aspen, Colorado

Mountain Contemporary Home in Aspen

Mountain Contemporary

Experience luxury and nature seamlessly united in this Aspen Mountain retreat. This contemporary home is a testament to design innovation, offering expansive gathering spaces for large groups while preserving intimacy.

Custom Modern Farmhouse in Winnetka

Modern Farmhouse​​

The clients had a clear vision of their dream residence: a spacious home that flawlessly blends the contemporary interior with a more traditional exterior, all while prioritizing natural light and outdoor integration.

Stunning Miami Beach Oasis​

Beach Oasis​

Located on a distinctively shaped lot in the bustling heart of Miami Beach, the client envisioned a residence that was more than just a reflection of modern style.

Neoclassical Splendor: Timeless Charm and Modern Living​

Neoclassical Splendor

Nestled in the heart of Winnetka, the homeowners aspired for an estate that flawlessly melded neoclassical elegance with modern functionality.

The Perfect Fusion of Contemporary and Traditional

Understated Elegance​

A home that effortlessly blends the contemporary allure with traditional Pennsylvania stone aesthetics, boasting multifunctional spaces and unique design elements.