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Financing Your Dream Home Project Requires a Solution as Unique as Your Vision

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Lamb Financial understands that financing your dream home project requires a solution as unique as your vision.

As the financing partner of Michael Bennett Luxury Homes, they are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your financing journey is seamless, inclusive, and tailored to your needs. 

Solutions Designed for You  

Lamb Financial is not your traditional lender as they offer multiple construction financing options.


They take the time to understand your goals and craft solutions that are as individual as your dream home, aligning your financing with your vision. 

Redefining the Construction Loan  

Ditch the complexities of traditional bank construction loans. At Lamb Financial, the offerings are designed to be all-encompassing and streamlined.

Unlike classical bank construction loans that involve multiple closings, underwritings, and interim financing, their approach streamlines the process.


They provide opportunities for one close, a fixed rate, and interest-only payments during the construction phase and then convenient fixed principal and interest payments after the home is completed. 

Your Money, Your Strategy  

For Michael Bennett Luxury Homes clients, financing a custom home with Lamb Financial is more than just a transaction—it’s a strategic move. 

Financing your project keeps your capital earning in the markets, ensuring that your investments are growing, while your dream home comes to life.  


In addition, they will provide certainty by locking in your interest rate before your project starts. 

 Every Detail Covered  

At Lamb Financial, we take pride in our meticulous approach. If your project involves tearing down an existing structure, we’ve got you covered.

Our financing solutions can include demo costs within your construction loan, and we can even assist in purchasing the teardown within the same loan. While a traditional bank might require multiple loans for such a scenario, we ensure that no loose ends remain.


Your financing journey is integrated, comprehensive, and worry-free. 

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With You, Every Step of the Way 

Lamb Financials’ partnership with Michael Bennett Luxury Homes extends far beyond financing.

They provide an integrated and turnkey experience, from project inception to completion. Their commitment doesn’t end at approval – they are by your side throughout your project, coordinating project changes and progress payments along the way.

They ensure that your financing aligns seamlessly with your construction journey. 

Experience the Lamb Financial Difference 

Lamb Financial is your steadfast partner, dedicated to delivering financing solutions that are as exceptional as the luxury homes we help you create.  

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